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Our goal is to establish how we can take your Shopify store to the next level with speed optimization, to achieve a higher conversion rate, a lower CPA, and a sustainable ROAS.

Our process

Case Study 1


Groomie had a great foundation, but their website was taking more than 10 seconds to load—WAY TOO LONG. We increased their speed by optimizing it from the inside out, making it super efficient.


Increase in

Session converted

Increase in

Mobile speed


clients reaction to our speed optimisation

"HopNop's work was steller, Worked weekends, Got everything done. It was really efficient"

Michael Vibrantbody (Sales)

Our process

Case Study 2


Felina, a well-known 8-figure brand, hired HopNop to address their slow website issue, which resulted in a significant increase in their store's speed

Conversion Rates went up from 2.88% to 4.08% in just 30 days

You don't pay us a single penny until you see the results for yourself.

Guaranteed Results.

Our Team

This team of optimization wizards takes pride in their ability to transform loading dreams into blazing realities

Zaid Saifi


Jeff Lundeen

(Sales Head)

Hargun Singh

(Dev Lead)

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